Last day of the shortest month.

The original plan was to go to science museum, planetarium and koti sunday book market. But somehow wanted to spend a lazy sunday at home.

Mom wanted to make some murukulu .So sis and me decided to join in. So the till afternoon we were all making murukulu of different shapes and sizes. While we were doing that managed to make chicken fry. Somehow am able to cook a few things these days. Later noted down the recipie of these things in my cook book. Yeah I have a cook book where i write down the recipies of all the dishes i make or see my mom make. So tomorrow when i have to cook somewhere, instead of calling mom every other minute I will have my book with me 🙂

Saw TV for sometime. Some movie called “I know who killed me” was playing. The way these writes ger the ideas to write the movie scripts is amazing. Then worked on my court case for sometime. Had some documents to edit/write. Saw this movie called Tho baat pakki .If you want to torture someone buy them this ticket and push them into the movie theater and lock the door. I promise you that to come to a normal state would take sometime. I thought atleast we can watch the movie for Tabu but was wrong. Cant describe more!!

The day ended gradually and the Monday blooms started creeping in. Once I used to love the Monday, but now its like why has the Sunday finished so soon. Of all the days I like Saturdays better. You wont be feeling sad that tomorrow your holidays finish, so one can enjoy their holiday in peace.

So back to Physical/mental effort or activity directed toward the production or accomplishment of something from tomorrow. Dint get it!!. In simple terms it meant Work!!

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