6 days of my life are missing from this blog. My friends were mailing me on where I was or if something has happened and why I was not updating the blog.

Just one sentence. I was so irritated by computers, that once I come home, I dint even feel like opening a browser. Somehow was not checking mails, not replying to any non office mails, dint open any networking sites, no other sites than my office outlook..Just got irritated.

Now comes on why this suddenly? Maybe work, maybe the number of hours I was spending at office in front of the computer only working. That might have made my mind into this pro-computer mode. Somehow in my 5 years of working never felt so exhausted at work. I was always a person who would look forward to a Monday, might not be always, but I was never at-least sad that a Monday was coming after a holiday. Believe me thats very true!!. Somehow these days, every day looks like a worked up day to get through.

Again its not like I dint have tough days at work. I still remember one project in 2006 which I did in Chennai (onsite from office..sigh :() where I had to work back to back 24 hours a day with only 5-6 hours of break and this was for 1 whole week. But then there was some zeal in my activities.

So all this got me into thinking, and more thinking on why this now. So was not in a mood to do anything on a computer for sometime. But again cant avoid work, so anything apart from work was taken out.

Now that my mind has come to rest after this 1 week, took out my writing pen again.

The day started as usual. Had a bad headache yesterday, so came off from office early and went to bed. Yet got up late today. Got ready. The days are becoming hot as pans these days, and I am a person who cannot take much sun. The drive was nice. Turned on the ac and put on the songs. It was a coool ride.

Reached office. The morning was bad. Issues, issues and more issues. By the time I realized it was lunch. I have lunch on the top floor which is basically an open area with some titled roof. The hot air from all sides can make your head spin. So thought will try this small experiment. Just took the minimum lunch I need to eat. Went up way early than others. Had my lunch in like 4 mins exactly and came back. The whole thing dint take even 10 mins. But the only problem is I was hungry very soon!! The afternoon was no better. Things started shaping up by evening. Issues were closing up and my neurons were clearing up a bit. By night it looked ok. So wrapped up my work. Got into the car and set off to home.

Yesterday, seeing Oscars and so many amazing movies, I decided that I will watch each and every movie nominated for best picture. So to start with i choose “Up In the Air”. I had that movie with me, so saw that. Nice movie.George Clooney is certainly one of the most handsome men I have ever seen. Still have some movie left to watch, so will tell you how it is tomorrow.

So thats it from me for now.

See you tomorrow.

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