Yet another day it is.

Life is short and should be lived keeping that in mind. But how can I improve it. There are so many things to do. How do I break from my regular cycle and do those things??

Today went aaram se to office. My bug list came down, so thoda acha tha. But the later it gets in the day, the more traffic we see. Esp near IMax. Almost every other day I am seeing a traffic jam over there. So today was that day. Was going in the ant pace.

Let me tell you one thought which came into my mind using an example. Take a glass and put in some rocks. The glass fills up after sometime. But still there is some empty spaces in between the rocks. Now take some sand and pour in into the glass. The sand fills up the space between the rocks. This is exactly how the Hyderabad roads are.

Road = Glass.
Rocks = Cars.
Bikes = Sand.

If in a traffic jam cars stop, the way these bike squeeze themselves in between cars,autos and fill up the places. Today it was somewhat amusing. Like sand, even in standstill traffic the way these bikes fill up the areas. That was good, but the irritating part is the way they hit the cars and other vehicles while squeezing in, just feel like taking their bikes and putting scratchers all over it.

So finally managed to reach office. So started on my bugs list and was working through it.

In between had to meet a few people, so went out for a hour or so. The topic of discussion was MBA, on how the market is, on how the colleges these days were. One thing before doing an MBA one has to think is, and is very important is why do you want to do a MBA. Was asking my friend the same as she wanted to do one. A few pundits in this field were suggesting me to take up an executive mba . It is on lines, but not yet.

Came back to office, had lunch on our hot terrace. Finished my daily scrum meeting in the afternoon and back to my buggy list. By evening the appraisal mails have started to flow in, but had a deadline to meet by Friday, so dint get a chance to look at it. The whole procedure of appraisal is so time and mind consuming, but the end results are always good :). Have to see how this goes as this is the first time in this company.

Came home. Had dinner. Finished the last bit of “Up in the Air”. Its a nice movie. Though I dint get a feeling towards it like an oscar movie, liked watching it. The story was fresh and the actors were amazing. But somewhere in the end, the movie lost its charm. I was expecting a more powerful ending. So finished that movie and started “Em maya chesave” . Its a young cast and the actors look cute esp the girl. heard somewhere that Junior NTR, saw that movie 6 times just for that girl. Simple lovestory. Saw some part of it. Daily its become a routine for me to see movie, like some serial. Seeing one movie in parts n pieces while having dinner.

Anyways the day is done, kodi has gone to sleep too :), so time for me to sign off.

Ek sher to end this night

“Chand uper se phenk raha hai light”
Bole to ho gai hai night” Band karne ka hai light”
Aur sone ka ek dam tight” Bole to…Good Night 🙂


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2 Comments on “March-10-2010”

  1. Pramod Says:

    Nice imagination, like it

    Road = Glass.
    Rocks = Cars.
    Bikes = Sand.

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