Spent 12 hrs 15 mins if office exactly with just a break of 30 mins for lunch. Oh yeah, thats how my day was. Last 2 days of the sprint. More than development it looks like a race.

Anyways, got up early at 6am. Got ready and dropped sis at her office and managed to reach office by 7.50am.

Dilsukhnagar to Secretariat 15 mins
Secretariat to Begumpet 15 mins

Thats how the roads were. Nice to drive on such empty roads in the city. Ishkiyan songs were playing. Somehow those songs have become like this addiction. The words have so much meaning in them and are so neatly written.

dil to acha hai jee… dil to bacha hai jee
thoda kacha hai jee.. dil to bacha hai jee

Each word of this song is like a poem. Gulzar saab my salute to you.

So rest of the day, was typing, typing and more typing. Had meals parcel lunch today, as i dint get my daily dabba. I generally do not like to waste food. A few spoons of rice we ignore, imagine there are people who would do anything for that. And I am not talking about people somewhere else. Such people live among us. Somehow I feel sad, not just bad , but sad, when I see food getting wasted.

Called the Consulate in between to find my visa status. My visa is lying somewhere, in some country and we lost the track. Managed to get some update and the wait still continues.

So the day passed on. Somehow managed to finish my tasks. Yipee!! and pushed off the code for review and testing.

Finally the day ended at 8. Came down. Took out the car. My head was dizzy. So put on some music and drove slowly to pick up my sis from her office.

The moon today is somewhat amazing. Its like this Red huge full ball. It was a pleasure to watch. The raods were all lit up, some Muslim festival I guess.

Today wanted to have dinner at pizza hut but after parcel lunch at office, fruits, samosa n rasmalai (a colleague had a kid) there was absolutely no place for anything else. So had a light dinner watching hockey. These days somehow I do not feel like watching cricket. The game is going crazy, the kind of hype and commercialized it has become. It looks like some Planned show rather than a hardworking match.

Player is a player, whether you play hockey or cricket. But these days the kind of hype the cricket players are getting, just feels like an insult to the other game players who are working and dedicated to the game as much as the cricket players, or I can say more because of the financial factor.

One other factor I always support and believe is, if one works hard, it should pay. I totally believe in hardwork. You might fail sometimes, but keep up the hardwork and it will pay at some point of time.

Anyways its almost 11.40. Had a long day. Time to crash. See you tomorrow.

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